Why You Need Choline, Plus How to Get It


As a vegetarian, eggs are one of my go-to foods. While it's common knowledge that they supply protein, they're also a fabulous source of a nutrient you may not know much about. This nutrient is choline, necessary to help keep your body in tip-top working order. Because close to 90 percent of American don't get enough of the nutrient, I'm bringing you info about what choline is and the foods you can get it from. The best part: I'm delivering nutritious and delicious choline-containing recipes to you!


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Easy Recipes to Help You Get More Choline



Here's an essential nutrient you may not know much about. But you should! Turns out there are top choline-rich foods (like these eggs) you can easily add to your day, so snag some yummy recipes in my recent Shape.com article.




Then use the infographic below to learn even more about how choline helps your health and where you can get it.





What are your thoughts on this topic? What choline-containing foods do you regularly eat? Which do you want to eat more of? Leave your comments here!


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Amy Gorin

is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist,  media personality, and writer in the NYC area.