6 Dairy-Free Milk Alternatives


While I love a glass of milk, I also think nut milks are delicious and can be great additions to my day and to my recipes. But with so many different dairy-free milk alternatives out there, choosing the right one can be challenging. Not every alternative features the same nutritional benefits, for starters.


The Pros and Cons of 6 Dairy-Free Milk Alternatives


Overwhelmed with endless dairy-free milk options? No worries. Here are pros and cons on six dairy-free milk alternatives, from me and other RDs, in this Self.com article.





Amy's Recipe of the Week: Homemade Pistachio Milk


Since pistachio milk is rare to come by in grocery stores, I decided to make it myself! I so regret not doing this sooner, because it’s that delicious—and easy. If you’re nut-milk obsessed like me, check out this DIY recipe on my blog. (And try more of my healthy recipes!)




Why People Like Red Foods More Than Green Foods


You can blame your brain for preferring a juicy burger (or in my case, these pomegranate arils!) to a green salad. Read my interview about why red foods are naturally more appealing than green foods in this BravoTV.com article. (Try my Pomegranate Pecan French Toast.)





What are your thoughts on this topic? What are you favorite nut milks, and why? Leave your comments here!


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Amy Gorin

is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist,  media personality, and writer in the NYC area.