100 of the Healthiest Foods



I’m always looking to add protein to my day. Why? It’s a nutrient that not only helps build muscle but also helps keep me full so I don’t get "hangry." (And my boyfriend doesn't like it when I get "hangry!") Some of my favorites are plain low-fat Greek yogurt, tofu, cheese, and eggs. Want 100 more options?!


100 of the Healthiest Foods, Ranked by Protein


Never underestimate the power of protein! Whether you’re a gym buff or simply need a snack to tide you over, protein will help. I give my take on 100 protein-packed foods in this MensFitness.com article.





Amy's Recipe of the Week: Homemade Pistachio Milk


Since French toast is one of my favorite foods, I like to get creative with my recipes. Trade in your butter and syrup for a healthier, fruity topping like mandarin orange. (And try more of my healthy recipes!)




Will Soda in Your City Soon Cost More?


Swapping soda for water can help your health—and your wallet. And your city might soon be introducing a soda tax to persuade consumers to cut back. Find out what I have to say about this health movement in this FoodNetwork.com article.





What are your thoughts on this topic? What are you favorite protein-rich foods? Leave your comments here!


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Amy Gorin

is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist,  media personality, and writer in the NYC area.