8 Tips for Making a Healthier Sandwich for Weight Loss


I like sandwiches a lot and have a few secrets to making them on the healthier side (like this open-faced gem pictured here). I also like to pile my sandwich high with veggies. Seriously, those sandwich makers at Subway always give me the "is this sandwich really going to close with all these veggies?" look. Is it time to revamp your sandwich?


8 Tips for Making a Healthier Sandwich for Weight Loss


Sandwich lovers, here's your guide to healthier sandwich making! If you pack your lunchtime favorite with the right ingredients, you can have your bread and meet your weight-loss goals. See my tips in this SELF.com article.





Amy's Recipe of the Week: Brussels Sprouts with Grape Honey Glaze


We're in the last few days of Heart Health Month, so give this heart-healthy dish a try. Each serving offers 24 percent of the daily value for cholesterol-helping fiber. (And try more of my healthy recipes!)




5 Pulses That are Great for You


I love pulses. And as a vegetarian, they're a fantastic way to incorporate protein and fiber into my day. For inspiration on how to cook with them, take a look at my FoodNetwork.com article. (Cook up your own pulses with my Spiced Chickpeas 5 Ways.)





What are your thoughts on this topic? What are favorite healthy sandwich hacks?


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Amy Gorin

is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist,  media personality, and writer in the NYC area.