Lose Weight with These 8 Little Changes


 When losing weight (and keeping it off), there's no need to miss out on your favorite foods! I like to focus on simple swaps and nutrient-dense additions that you can make without too much effort. In fact, I bet there's at least one easy lifestyle change you can start with today! One of my favorite small changes: I use the runny yolk of a fried egg as my pancake "syrup," instead of using actual syrup or butter.



Lose Weight with These 8 Little Changes


Small changes add up to big results when it comes to weight loss, and there's no reason to deprive yourself of your favorite foods! Learn more about the simple swaps you can make for better health in my latest FoxNews.com post.





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What are your thoughts on this topic? What are your favorite ways little changes for better health?


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Amy Gorin

is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist,  media personality, and writer in the NYC area.