7 Healthy Bedtime Snacks


Going to bed with a rumbling tummy isn't fun, but is a bedtime nosh the right answer? Large meals could lead to bigger problems like acid reflux, but a light snack rich in carbohydrates and protein could be just what the dietitian ordered! I like to keep a few snacks at the ready for nights when bedtime hunger strikes. Wondering what my favorites are to have on hand?


7 Healthy Bedtime Snacks


Is it OK to eat a bedtime snack? I asked fellow registered dietitians for their favorite light and nourishing late-night ideas in this FoxNews.com article. (One of my snack suggestions is my Spiced Roasted Chickpeas recipe!)





Amy's Recipe of the Week: Roasted Lemon Pepper Asparagus


Asparagus is one of my favorite spring vegetables because it's packed with both flavor and fiber. This seasonal side dish couldn't be easier to make and is one of my favorite ways to impress dinner guests! (Looking for more healthy recipes? I've got plenty for you!)




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