A Nutritionist's Tips for Healthy Travel


Looking for tips for healthy travel? As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I bring you my best strategies so that you can travel healthy and in style! 


Want to be a health-savvy traveler? As someone who's collected dozens of passport stamps over the years, I know what it's like to stay organized and energized on the go. From your first sip of coffee to your last bite of dessert, I've got you covered with these nutritionist tips to feel great and see the world in style! 


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How Registered Dietitians Eat Healthy While Traveling


It's no secret that I love to travel. Luckily, I've created a system that I use to stay fit and healthy while I explore the globe. I've collected top tips from other nutritionists, too, to give you a variety of travel hacks (and healthy snacks!) to choose from. When it comes to eating healthy on the road, I've got you covered.


So take your pick! From this seasoned advice to my seasoned chickpeas, there's something for everyone to keep your healthy eating efforts on track while you're busy jet setting. 


Know before you go! From a long commute to a holiday abroad, be sure to plan ahead and create a healthy travel game plan with these tips from RDs and Self.com. I share my favorite travel hack that also adds to the journey of tasting local flavor.


When you're away, don't forget your essential travel items and healthy car snacks! Then you can eat like a nutritionist when you return home to keep that healthy journey going strong! 


Wondering what nutritionists order at fast food restaurants?  Yes, dietitians eat fast food! Fortunately, many drive thrus now offer healthier options. Let nutritionists navigate the menus for you and if all else fails, you can customize your order like I do.


See what I add to my fast food request, via this TotalBeauty.com article. Hint: I'm not super-sizing anything, except maybe those apple slices!


Looking for tips for healthy travel? Try these nutrition secrets! #travel #healthytravel #snacks #traveltips #europe #vacation #healthyvacation

How to Prevent Vacation Weight Gain


Going somewhere fun soon? Choosing the healthier route doesn't have to be boring or difficult, and it could help you avoid tummy troubles! Eating out is one of my favorite things to do when I visit a new destination.


But I also like to hit the local grocery store for healthy eats and pack my own nutritious snacks to fill in the gaps. This way I'm never too hungry for the next adventure. Want to know the best ways to fuel your body on the go?

While traveling, I love trying new foods just as much as I enjoy sightseeing—so I always have a plan in place to prevent vacation weight gain! Here are my tips for healthy traveling:


Walk a lot!

One mile of walking burns between about 70 and 100 calories, depending on your weight and gender — so logging miles can make a big impact.


On a trip to Italy, I walked over 221 miles (burning over 18,000 calories, or about 5 pounds) and 458 flights of stairs! My highest-mileage day was a 12.8-mile one in Milan, and I climbed 44 flights of stairs on a daytrip to Bellagio (in the Lake Como area of Lombardy, Italy). To make the walking easier, I packed several pairs of comfy footwear, including my Vionic shoes.


Stay hydrated

I always carry a bottle of water in my purse and drink several glasses at meals. I recently wrote about how drinking water before meals can help with weight loss.


Sample local produce

While filling up on veggies can help with weight loss and weight maintenance, I didn’t need an excuse to try a porcini salad in Milan; romanesco with leek oil in Ghent; or a delicious eggplant, mushroom, and cabbage dish in Berlin.


Visit supermarkets

Upon arrival at each city, I stock up on local fruit, yogurt, and muesli for breakfast.


Pack healthy snacks

I carry fruit-and-nut bars, portioned bags of pistachios and almonds, and other snacks for long stretches in between meals. While I found nutritious street food—including chestnuts from a vendor in Milan and figs from a market in Amsterdam—being prepared helped me avoid making a beeline for not-as-healthy offerings (ahem, Belgian waffles) when hungry.


Share treats

I wanted to try stracciatella gelato in Bergamo; tiramisu in Milan, Florence, and Rome; Belgian frites, waffles, and chocolates in Brussels; and stroopwafels in Amsterdam. So I saved calories by sharing these treats with my travel companions.


Looking for tips for healthy travel? Try these nutrition secrets! #travel #healthytravel #snacks #traveltips #europe #vacation #healthyvacation

Be a Savvy Traveler Abroad


Headed abroad? With dozens of stamps in my passports, I gathered my best tips for looking and feeling great while you're over there, including a list of essential travel items and tips on traveling to Europe for the first time. These savvy tips will help you pack, eat, and see the sights like a pro!


Look and feel amazing on your next vacation! In my blog post, I share how to have a healthy, fun trip, all while minimizing stress and looking fabulous. I cover everything from traveling to Europe for the first time to essential travel items to pack. Don't forget your healthy car snacks!


And when it comes to eating abroad, you can still dine at the best locales. Just make sure to plan in healthy meals, too, as well as plenty of exercise. And don't forget your healthy car snacks for when you're hungry on the go! 


Also, think about what you eat. No one wants to feel sick on an exotic getaway. That's why I gathered the most common culprits of foodborne illness in my ReadersDigest.com article. Think twice about eating these items if you want to make the most of your next vacay!


Another healthy travel tip? Enjoy yourself (in moderation!) and incorporate plenty of exercise to counteract the extra eating. That's usually my strategy, and I'm first to admit that my list of the best places to eat in Florence doesn't include only nutritious picks.


Looking for tips for healthy travel? Try these nutrition secrets! #travel #healthytravel #snacks #traveltips #europe #vacation #healthyvacation

Amy's Recipe to Try


Make a batch of Coffee Cake Muffins!


Muffins are packable and delicious, so I love to stash a couple in my carry-on bag before a long flight. This caffeinated recipe is perfect for getting over jet lag the morning after a long flight.


Looking for another healthy muffin to love? Try cinnamon spice!


Bonus recipe: Spiced Roasted Chickpeas 5 Ways



I like to bring my own snacks along for the ride. But I don't want to be eating the same things the whole trip. That's why I love this protein-filled recipe, with five different spice combinations so that I never get bored.


Check out my Candied Pistachio Ginger Cups if you prefer something on the sweeter side! 


This blog post was updated in May 2020. A version of this content originally appeared on WeightWatchers.com.


Looking for tips for healthy travel? Try these nutrition secrets! #travel #healthytravel #snacks #traveltips #europe #vacation #healthyvacation


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