The Best Grocery Delivery Services During the Coronavirus Pandemic


By Amy Gorin, MS, RDN

Trying to figure out how to get a supermarket delivery during the coronavirus pandemic? See here for the best grocery delivery services in your area.


It's a fact: Grocery shopping isn't as easy and breezy as it used to be. Lines are long, a lot of items are out of stock (looking at you, yeast)—and for some immuno-compromised people, it's nearly impossible. Luckily, multiple grocery delivery services got their start well before this pandemic and were able to take on the challenge. And many have sprung up to fill in the additional need, too.

So if you're one of those folks who can't head to the supermarket themselves, or if you've simply decided (like me) that it's not in your best health interest to do so, you can save your time Googling all the grocery delivery services out there and instead read through this blog post. After all, in outbreak places like New York City and Washington, DC, it's pretty stressful to be at the grocery store even while social distancing.


I'm sharing all the need-to-know info on the most popular services, including my experience with each one. And if you're not sure what you should actually be loading your virtual cart with, I'm here to help with a list of RD-approved pantry staples, as well as a vegetarian-friendly recipe you'll definitely want to procure the ingredients for. Ready to get started?


Interested in a grocery delivery service? Get the scoop on supermarket delivery and your grocery list. #grocerylist #shoppinglist #groceries #supermarket #nutrition #pantrystaples

The Best Ways to Get Groceries Delivered


When Whole Food's delivery has a two-week waitlist and Instacart won't deliver in your area, how in the world are you supposed to get your food staples sent straight to your door? Try one of the delivery services featured in my article for The Healthy.


On this list of delivery services, you'll find everything from Peapod (offering in partnership with Stop and Shop) to Instacart Express (hello, personal shoppers!), plus intel on minimum delivery on orders, delivery fees, delivery times, which places offer same-day delivery, and more. You can also try FreshDirect and more!


I tell you which services you have to order from more than a week in advance, and which ones you may be able to place same-day orders from.


I asked leading nutrition experts to shout out their go-to services, plus their experiences with them during this crazy time, to help you get the delicious and nutritious foods you need. Many of these have minimum order requirements for free shipping.

If you do want to give any of these services a go, here are some discount codes for you!

  • Get a free 30-day trial for Amazon Prime (Amazon Prime members are able to order Amazon Fresh/Whole Foods delivery)
  • Get a free $25 at FreshDirect
  • Get 25% off at Misfits Market with code COOKWME-LS9AZI
  • Get $50 off your first two orders at Territory Foods with code SFAL

Also, while they're not on this list you may also find that meal kit services such as Hello Fresh and Sun Basket may help you get meals on the table right now. I've also heard that Walmart Grocery has a helpful curbside pick-up service.


Interested in a grocery delivery service? Get the scoop on supermarket delivery and your grocery list. #grocerylist #shoppinglist #groceries #supermarket #nutrition #pantrystaples

Pantry Staples Dietitians Recommend You Keep on Hand


OK, now that you've got a grocery service picked out, what should ingredients should you be buying in the first place? I answer that very question with the help of my RD friends in my article for The Healthy.


While there are some run-of-the-mill staples like canned beans on this list, there are also a few foods featured that you never would have thought to add to your cart. Can you guess which one I always have on hand and that I always include in my supermarket delivery?


While this list includes many pantry staples, I also recommend keeping a supply of fresh produce on hand!

P.S. If you can't find gluten-free flour anywhere, make your own with my DIY recipe!


Interested in a grocery delivery service? Get the scoop on supermarket delivery and your grocery list. #grocerylist #shoppinglist #groceries #supermarket #nutrition #pantrystaples

Amy's Recipe to Try