The 20 Top Healthy Recipe Books


By Amy Gorin, MS, RDN

Looking for new healthy recipe books to add to your kitchen? I've compiled a list of the 20 top  healthy eating cookbooks, including the best Mediterranean cookbook!


I recently had the opportunity to round up a list of the best healthy eating cookbooks for The Healthy (a new spin-off site from Reader's Digest). I asked my registered dietitian colleagues for their recommendations, and here's the thing: They had so many wonderful cookbooks to recommend that are full of tasty and nutritious recipes.


So I'm giving you an expanded list here! These healthy cookbook ideas will help you get started on your gift giving for the year. Plus, why not add to your own recipe book collection?


Without further ado, let's get started on my list of the best cookbooks for healthy eating at home! You'll find lots of easy-to-prepare recipes in these recipe books! And don't forget to let me know which healthy eating cookbook is your favorite.


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The Best Healthy Cookbooks


Enjoy this list of the most-loved healthy eating cookbooks from my dietitian colleagues! They contain delicious recipes you can whip up any time of day. I can't wait to hear what you think.

1. The 30-Minute Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

"This cookbook by Deanna Rose Segrave-Daly and Serena Ball is one that I recommend often to people!" says Carolyn Land Williams, PhD, RD, author of Meals That Heal. "I'm always looking for quick and easy recipes that can feed the whole family. What I also really like is that the authors take Mediterranean beyond EVOO and pasta, even showing you how you can follow Mediterranean diet principles into a lower-carb or low-carb lifestyle." Eating Mediterranean cuisine, including olive oil, is a great way to reduce risk of heart disease.

Shop nowThe 30-Minute Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

2. Nourish

"Many people want to add more seeds, nuts, and beans to their diet but aren’t sure how," says co-author Cara Rosenbloom, RD. "So I teamed up with a chef to add these nutrient-dense plant foods to 100 familiar recipes that people already enjoy—such as oatmeal, minestrone soup, grilled salmon, and even dessert! Nourish shows readers how easy and delicious it is to add more plant-based foods to meals without drastically altering your diet."

Shop nowNourish

3. Good and Cheap

"I really enjoy this cookbook by Leanne Brown," says Bri Bell, RD, a nutrition blogger. "All the recipes are simple and easy to follow. The book is great for anyone on a budget: You can feed yourself on less than $4 a day using these recipes!" 

Shop nowGood and Cheap

4. The MIND Diet Plan & Cookbook

"Julie Andrews' cookbook has delicious, approachable, and healthy recipes that are geared toward overall wellnessand more specifically, the brain and cognition," says Abbie Gellman, MS, RD, author of The Mediterranean DASH Diet Cookbook. "I love the range of recipes that she includes, making cooking a breeze while being tasty and nutritious." Yay to healthy and delicious food!

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5. Plant-Based Eats Flexitarian Dessert Recipes Book

All right, this is a shameless plug for my Etsy store of healthy plant-based recipe books and meal plans. But really, I've gotten great feedback on my dessert and cocktails recipe book. All the recipes are only 100-150 calories but oh so delicious and fairly easy to whip up!

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6.-19. My List of the Best Healthy Eating Cookbooks on The Healthy

Here's the list of top healthy eating cookbook recs from my fellow nutritionists, as featured on The Healthy. You'll find home cooking with plenty of health benefits, including healthy Mediterranean recipes.


This blog post was updated in December 2020.


Looking for healthy cookbooks for healthy gift ideas? These healthy cookbooks for beginners are full of healthy recipes! #healthycookbook #cookbook #nutrition #healthygift #foodgifts #recipes #healthyrecipes #healthycooking #vegetarian #plantbased


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