The 25 Best Healthy Smoothies for Summer


Love summer smoothies? Here are 25 of the best healthy smoothies! These fruit and veggie smoothie recipes make super easy meals and are delicious.


This might sound a little crazy, but there are two blenders in my kitchen. Yup, my fiancé and I love smoothies so much that we don't want to risk there not being a clean blender at the ready!

Summer smoothies are the ultimate summer meal. They're easy, since you can blend them up in mere minutes. And they can provide all the nutrition you need for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack time (you can eat them any time of the day!). That is, if you include plenty of good-for-you ingredients.

So I'm here to give you a quick rundown of not only the best ingredients to blend up but also the best healthy smoothies to try this week. Plus, smoothies make great 
cooking projects for kids. Ready?!


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Easy and Healthy Smoothie Recipes You Can Make When You're in a Time Crunch

When it comes to blending up nutritious and delicious smoothies, there's a little bit of a science to the whole thing. But don't worry, the "recipe" is super simple. Here's my go-to formula for whipping up a healthy smoothie recipe:

Fruit or veggies (or both!)
What would a smoothie be without fruit or vegetables? They provide hydrating water and satiating fiber. I always make sure to include at least a cup of produce in my smoothie recipes. My go-to fruit is a frozen banana, which takes away the need for adding ice. I also love blending up frozen berries and cherries, and I've found that cauliflower is a really neutral veggie to add in.

For a smoothie to stick with you for awhile, it needs protein. There are many options, and my faves include plain Greek yogurt (I love the blueberry Greek yogurt combo!), kefir, and even frozen shelled edamame. If you use kefir, you probably won't need to add any additional liquid. With the other options, you mightand that liquid could be water, milk, plant milk, or even 100% juice.

Healthy fat
This is another key ingredient for blending up a smoothie that'll fill you up. My favorite healthy fats to include are nut butter and avocado. You can also blend in hemp seeds, chia seeds, or flax seeds.

Whole grains
I usually say to include a whole grain (hello, extra fiber!) with every meal. With a smoothie, that isn't the easiest thing to accomplish. So this ingredient is optional, but I've found that rolled oats make a surprisingly awesome smoothie ingredient. 
Are oats good for weight loss?

And there you have it! I recently chatted with TheZoeReport about the best healthy smoothie recipes. There are five featured in the article, but I also think you deserve a bigger list than that. So I'm giving you 25 fruit and veggie smoothie recipes in total!


Love smoothie recipes? What about a good smoothie bowl recipe? These summer smoothies are delish! #smoothie #veggiesmoothie #fruitsmoothie #healthysmoothie #shake #fruitrecipe #banana


1.    Healthy Coffee Smoothie from my own kitchen


2.    Mango Beet Breakfast Smoothie from Jenna Braddock, RD, co-author of 200 Surefire Ways to Eat Well and Feel Better


3.    Tropical Creamsicle Post-Workout Smoothie from Sarah Schlichter, RD, nutrition blogger at Bucket List Tummy


4.    Vegan Wild Blueberry Cauliflower Smoothie from my own kitchen


5.    Vegan Berry Smoothie from Margaux Gabrielle, RD, nutrition blogger at Off the Vine Nutrition


6.    Lemon Blueberry Smoothie from Cassidy Reeser, RD, nutrition blogger at Cozy Peach Kitchen


7.    Mama and Me Nourish Smoothie from Heather Steele, RD, nutrition blogger at Nurture and Nourish


Love smoothie recipes? What about a good smoothie bowl recipe? These summer smoothies are delish! #smoothie #veggiesmoothie #fruitsmoothie #healthysmoothie #shake #fruitrecipe #banana


8.    Chia Peach Green Smoothie from Shahzadi Uzma Devje, RD, owner of Desi-Licious RD


9.    Cherry Superfood Smoothie from Mary Ellen Phipps, RD, nutrition blogger at Milk & Honey Nutrition


10.    Immunity Green Smoothie from Jeanette Kimszal, RD, owner of Jeanette Kimszal Nutrition


11.    Wild Blueberry and Rose Water Smoothie from Lindsey Pine, RD, owner of Tasty Balance Nutrition


12.    Very Berry Pistachio Crunch Smoothie Bowl from my own kitchen


13.    Low-FODMAP Smoothie from Dana McGee, RD, and Rebecca Bitzer, RD, author of Cooking with Food Sensitivities Survival Guide


14.    Chocolate Berry Protein Smoothie from my own kitchen


15.    Summer Peach Smoothie from Stephanie Van't Zelfden, RD, nutrition blogger at Nutrition Hungry


16. Watermelon Walnut Smoothie from Lauren Manaker, MS, RD, author of Fueling Male Fertility


Love smoothie recipes? What about a good smoothie bowl recipe? These summer smoothies are delish! #smoothie #veggiesmoothie #fruitsmoothie #healthysmoothie #shake #fruitrecipe #banana


17.    Low-Carb Chocolate Berry Truffle Smoothie from Faith Gorsky, author of An Edible Mosaic


18.    Green Pea Smoothie with Mint from Lizzie Streit, MS, RD, nutrition blogger at It's a Veg World After All


19.    Vegan Mandarin Orange Creamy Coconut Smoothie Bowl from my own kitchen


20.    Belly Fat Blasting Smoothie from Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDE, author of Belly Fat Diet for Dummies


24. - 25.: Get five more recipes in my interview with The Zoe Report!


Love smoothie recipes? What about a good smoothie bowl recipe? These summer smoothies are delish! #smoothie #veggiesmoothie #fruitsmoothie #healthysmoothie #shake #fruitrecipe #banana


Amy's Recipe of the Week: Healthy Avocado Smoothie

Here's a bonus smoothie recipe! I talked about adding healthy fats like avocado to your blender, and this smoothie is a perfect example of just how to do that. It's super refreshing with the fresh mint leaves.


Love smoothie recipes? What about a good smoothie bowl recipe? These summer smoothies are delish! #smoothie #veggiesmoothie #fruitsmoothie #healthysmoothie #shake #fruitrecipe #banana


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