The Best Social Media Apps & Digital Marketing Tools


By Amy Gorin, MS, RDN

Want to know the top digital marketing tools, including the best social media tools and small business apps? See the best social media apps for business, media training tools, and more.


Overwhelmed by all the options out there for digital marketing strategies in your business?


Use the best social media scheduling apps and tools to get your posts seen—and to manage any social media stress in the process. These tools have helped my media dietitian business grow immensely! You can even use most of these on your mobile device.


As a media dietitian, blogger, and professional journalist and writer (who went back to school to become a dietitian!), I often get asked about my top social media and writing resources.


So here, I've compiled my favorite social media scheduling apps, web and SEO tools, keyword monitoring tools, social media classes, social analytics tools, social listening tools, mobile apps, go-to business finds, and even freelance writing books.


I've also included my favorite books on writing (yes, old-fashioned books!) that have helped me the most of the years.


Also find my top choices in social media schedulers for your social platforms, including Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These tools help you so that you don't have to remember when it's time to post. They do that for you in real time.


Many of the links below are affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase (at no additional cost to you).


And several of these tools are extending special discounts just for you, when you use my links below! Now, read on for help with your marketing campaigns and more. Also check out the best business credit cards.


Overwhelmed by the options for digital marketing strategies in your business? Use the best social media scheduling apps and tools to get posts seen and to manage your stress. #entrepreneur #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #smallbusiness #socialmediaapps

The Best Social Media Tools

Tailwind (Pinterest)

This Pinterest scheduler allows you to schedule out pins all day long. It's truly one of the best social media scheduling apps out there! Scheduling a plethora of pins is essential to help optimize referral traffic to your site, since Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social media platform. Get a free month of Tailwind with this link.

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Pinterest with Elle (Pinterest)

This incredibly price-friendly e-course was created by a blogger who's found fantastic success with Pinterest. She also offers a Facebook group with daily tips and advice.

Check it out

PinSmart Course (Pinterest)

This Pinterest e-course helped me grow my traffic exponentially. Thanks to what I've learned, I now have monthly viewers in the quarter million range!

Check it out

Later (Instagram)

I use this tool to schedule out my Instagram posts, for days when I'm not posting live. It's simple, it works, and you can schedule out weeks' worth of posts.

Check it out

Hopper HQ (Instagram)

This is another Instagram scheduler that I've used. It has a totally different look and feel to Later, which some people may prefer. Use code IGBOOST for $19 off a new account.

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Link in Profile (Instagram)

The profile URL link is a great way to traffic from Instagram. But who can remember to change it every day? Not me! This program redirects users to the links that you type into individual posts. 

Check it out

Meet Edgar (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

When it comes to social media managers, pick this one. It might just be the best social media scheduler out there and is fantastic for small business owners! It saves time and makes social media life so much simpler.


It allows you to create a library of content for your social media accounts, so Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This way, you're never out of content to post.


Using it saves me hours of time I used to spend scheduling out individual posts each week, and it's truly one of the best social media scheduling apps you can invest in. Meet Edgar also provides some social media analytics tools, including Twitter analytics.

Check it out

Overwhelmed by the options for digital marketing strategies in your business? Use the best social media scheduling apps and tools to get posts seen and to manage your stress. #entrepreneur #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #smallbusiness #socialmediaapps

The Best Digital Marketing Tools

Sticky Blogging (SEO)

What I've learned from this SEO course has been mind blowing! Seriously. You can learn how to bring so many more visitors to your website and how to amplify keywords you're already ranking for.


If you're using ads on your site, more visitors means more revenue in your pocket! And sometimes there's a free webinar

Check it out

SEO Made Simple (SEO)

While the Sticky Blogging course is great, I consider it more of a get-your-feet-wet SEO course. When you're ready to take a really deep dive into SEO, the SEO Made Simple Course really gets into all the nitty gritty of SEO, including both front-end SEO and back-end SEO.

Check it out

KWFinder (SEO)

This keyword-search tool makes it a no brainer to find keywords you'll want to utilize in your SEO strategy. I use this SEO tool almost daily, and it's one of the top apps for small businesses.

Check it out


This SEO tool is the cream of the crop of SEO tools. It offers a keyword tool, makes suggestions of verbiage so that your landing page and posts can rank higher, allows you to SEO audits, and much more.


It also offers a content marketing toolkit and is really one of the best analytics platforms out there. You can also connect it with Google analytics to get really helpful stats. Get a free 7-day trial by clicking this link.

Check it out

Green Geeks (Web Hosting)

This web-hosting service has worked without fail for the Master the Media e-course site that I co-run with a fellow dietitian. Just FYI if you're looking for a hosting service!

Check it out

Get Site Control (E-Newsletter Growth)

This pop-up tool allows you to easily create pop-ups on your website. It's been a major way that I've grown my e-newsletter list. I pay for a version that allows me to have more than 10,000 pop-ups a month.


There's a free version if your website traffic is less than that. You can use code amygorin for a nice discount!

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PlaceIt (Marketing)

This tool is really, really cool. I use it to create branded images primarily for my Master the Media e-course and my Etsy shop. It offers many templates of flyers, books, T-shirts, and more that you can drag and drop your logo into.

Check it out

Mailchimp (E-Newsletter)

Speaking of e-newsletters, I use this newsletter tool to put out my weekly e-newsletter. It's super easy to use. Use this link for $30 off a new account.

Check it out

Google Suite (E-Mail and Cloud Storage)

Google Suite (e-mail and cloud storage)

Investing in G Suite was one of the first things I did as a business owner. For just about $5 a month, I get an e-mail address associated with my website URL, space in Google Drive, and more.


This makes things look so much more pro. And I get more cloud storage space! Get 20% off your first year of G Suite Basic or G Suite Business with this link.

Check it out


Overwhelmed by the options for digital marketing strategies in your business? Use the best social media scheduling apps and tools to get posts seen and to manage your stress. #entrepreneur #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #smallbusiness #socialmediaapps

The Best Media Training Tools

Master the Media (Media E-Course)

I launched this labor of love a couple of years ago with my friend and dietitian colleague Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDE. We both noticed we were getting lots questions about how to work in the media as a health professional.


So we started this 35-module e-course to teach health pros how to get started with freelance writing, media interviews, TV segments, social media, and more. The course provides 13 CPEU credits to dietitians, including an ethics credit. Our goal: to help each and every student boost his or her income to six figures! 

Check it out

Master the Media (Media Masterclass)

While we only open the doors to our larger e-course a handful of times a year, enrollment for our 1-module masterclass on how land and master the media interview is open year round. The course provides 1 CPEU credit to dietitians.

Check it out

The Elements of Style (Writing)

I think every writer should have this book on his or her shelf, even when you're looking for a writing for beginners or beyond book. The version in my office is decades old, but the rules of grammar haven't changed much over the years. There's also an illustrated version if you prefer the Cliff's Notes version!

Check it out

The Associated Press Style Book (Writing)

Wondering if a particular word in a title should be capitalized or if a certain phrase requires a hyphen? This go-to resource has all your answers and then some! As a journalism student way back when, I actually read the whole entire book. But you can look up just what you need to know in just a second or two.

Check it out

The Best Magazine Writing (Writing)

To be a better writer, you should read good writing. And while long-form journalism may be a seriously under-appreciated art these days, it's still an art. Every year, the American Society of Magazine Editors puts out a book of the best of the best of magazine writing. Read it for inspiration. Here's the most recent anthology.

Check it out

Moo (Business Cards)

I can't help but add Moo to my list of top resources. Yes, I still use old-fashioned business cards! And I can't tell you how many compliments I've gotten on the card stock and print quality. Use this link for 25% off your first order.

Check it out 


This blog post was updated in November 2020.


Overwhelmed by the options for digital marketing strategies in your business? Use the best social media scheduling apps and tools to get posts seen and to manage your stress. #entrepreneur #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #smallbusiness #socialmediaapps


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