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Nutrition News · March 26, 2020
At this point, we have a worldwide virus on our hands. But we can learn something from the coronavirus in Italy. Here, we chat with an Italian in quarantine who shares how she is surviving shelter in place orders and even finding time to exercise self care strategies and be productive. If you're under an American quarantine or are staying at home elsewhere in the world, embrace these tips today.
Nutrition News · March 18, 2020
Whether it's social distancing, self isolation, self quarantine, or an actual quarantine period, being at home 24/7 under quarantine measures during the coronavirus pandemic can feel scary. Take control of your emergency food supply while you're under quarantine by using this survival kit list of foods to stock up on so that you can do some delicious cooking while in quarantine.

Anti-Aging Secrets · March 04, 2020
Is coronavirus contagious? Yup! If you're worried about the coronavirus (and who isn't?!), use these simple tips to boost your immunity. Go ahead and get started today to help prevent coronavirus transmission! In addition to fighting off COVID-19, these tips will also help you fend off the common cold.
Plant-Based Eating · February 28, 2020
Thinking about following a plant-forward diet? Then you'll want to know all about the best protein for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Read on for all the info you ever wanted on vegetable-based meals that are full of plant-based vegan proteins!

Anti-Aging Secrets · February 26, 2020
Want to improve heart health? February is Heart Health Month (we can also call it Heart Disease Awareness Month!), so what better time to focus on heart-healthy snacks for heart-disease awareness. Give these healthy heart recipes a try, and learn some healthy heart facts while you're at it!
Low-Sugar Desserts · February 13, 2020
Love Valentine's Day sweets? You're not alone! Take a look at the best Valentine's chocolate, Valentine's Day dessert recipes, Valentine snacks, and more. The best part: These ideas are all healthy-ish!

Nutrition News · February 10, 2020
If you want to learn about nutrition but aren't sure what to ask a dietitian, I'm here to help. Without further ado, here are the most common questions about nutrition that I get asked. Let the crash course in nutrition begin!
Nutrition News · January 29, 2020
Curious about the top nutrition trends of the year? Well, here are the new food trends you should definitely know about for healthy eating, weight loss, and beyond!

Anti-Aging Secrets · January 22, 2020
Looking to reduce inflammation naturally in the body? If you're wondering how to prevent inflammation and fight inflammation with food, this list of anti-inflammatory foods is just for you! Fight inflammation with the foods you eat, starting now!
Nutrition News · January 15, 2020
Want to learn all about water? These amazing facts about water are sure to blow your mind, and so are the bottled water facts! Are you surprised by these facts about drinking water?

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