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Nutrition News · May 16, 2018
Think eggs have too much cholesterol to be good for you? This is one of the worst food myths out there! Since I don't eat meat, I cook up omelets and French toast on repeat. (Hint: Eggs aren't only for breakfast!) There's no better way to get protein, vitamins, and minerals together in one delicious bite. Want to know how to make your eggs even healthier?
Supplements · December 28, 2017
When it comes to the perfect pregnancy diet, you hear so much conflicting information about a diet plan during pregnancy. So what are the best foods to eat and nutrients to get for pregnancy? There are so many that are important for your prenatal diet. One in particular is choline, a prenatal nutrient that's super beneficial. Read on for natural sources of choline and more.

Supplements · November 02, 2016
As a vegetarian, eggs are one of my go-to foods. While it's common knowledge that they supply protein, they're also a fabulous source of a nutrient you may not know much about. This nutrient is choline, necessary to help keep your body in tip-top working order. Because close to 90 percent of American don't get enough of the nutrient, I'm bringing you info about what choline is and the foods you can get it from. The best part: I'm delivering nutritious and delicious choline-containing recipes.