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Nutrition News · January 11, 2017
In the spirit of this new chapter of a year, I’ve rounded up some of the best foods to eat this year. I always love adding new foods to my plate. And turns out that what’s old is new with 2017 food trends, which means plenty of my favorite nutritious staples are on trend—plus some new surprises, of course!
Plant-Based Eating · December 07, 2016
I’m always looking to add protein to my day. Why? Protein is a nutrient that not only helps build muscle but also helps keep me full so I don’t get "hangry." (And my boyfriend doesn't like it when I get "hangry!") Some of my favorites are plain low-fat Greek yogurt, tofu, cheese, and eggs. Want 100 more options?! Get 100 of the Healthiest Foods, Ranked by Protein.