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Anti-Aging Secrets · November 14, 2018
Are you tired of suffering from the symptoms of inflammation? Pain, achiness, and fatigue are all things you could do without. Luckily an anti-inflammatory diet, which decreases these symptoms, is pretty easy to follow. It's more or less a healthy diet that focuses on mostly whole foods while minimizing packaged and processed products. Who needs another restrictive low-calorie fad diet when you can get awesome results by eating a simple, healthy eating plan?
Weight Loss · October 05, 2016
I love a good salad. In college, I was that weirdo who bought bagged lettuce as a snack (and offered it to my friends when they visited!). Of course, back then I didn't know that a well-balanced salad should have protein (my favorite is a hardboiled egg or tofu), healthy fat (like avocado or almonds), and plenty of other veggies (I love mushrooms, celery, and red onions). And the key: Not too many other high-calorie toppings like...well, I won't spoil this for you!