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Weight Loss · October 10, 2018
You know those nights when you're trying to fight the rumbling in your tummy right before bedtime? I've been known to stay up late for a deadline and wander my way into the kitchen in search of a quick and healthy snack. When it comes to nighttime snacks, it's best to reach for something on the small side that also has staying power. The right nighttime snack (and possibly even a nightcap!) can significantly impact how you sleep and consequently how you feel the next morning.
Anti-Aging Secrets · June 21, 2017
Do you like to relax with a glass of beer or wine before bedtime? I'm not a big drinker, but I do love my occasional glass of vino (especially Italian reds!). So I had to ask: Is a nightly cocktail good or bad for your health? Turns out your wine habit could actually be helping your heart—and your weight, too! Looking for more reasons to imbibe guilt free?