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Nutritious Recipes · November 06, 2018
This Lupini Bean Salad with Crushed Pistachio is a delicious high-fiber side dish with a crunchy pistachio topping. It would make a great addition to any warm meal! Or pair it with a side baked sweet potato or roasted squash for a full meal!

Nutritious Recipes · July 09, 2018
Raise your hand if you love summer! One of my favorite things about warm weather is cooling off with a refreshing treat, like this super simple fruit-based "ice cream" made with cantaloupe, banana, and pistachios. I love dessert, so I'm always looking for healthy ways to add it to my day. One of my favorite ways is a quickie banana ice cream, so I thought about what other flavor combos would work well. It turns out cantaloupe, banana, and lemon make a delicious frozen dessert treat!

Nutritious Recipes · December 23, 2016
Hello, mandarin orange smoothie bowl! This breakfast treat blends together creamy coconut milk and coconut yogurt with mandarin oranges and bananas. Yum. I've been obsessed with smoothies lately, and recently I was set on the idea of creating a smoothie bowl reminiscent of an orange Creamsicle. I had some coconut milk and coconut yogurt in my fridge, and I thought the creaminess of these ingredients would blend nicely with some in-season mandarin oranges.

Nutritious Recipes · December 13, 2016
Here's a dessert for breakfast you won't feel the least bit guilty about! This decadent-tasting, protein-rich meal will help keep you going all morning. I started with a pretty basic chia pudding: I combined low-fat milk (you can also use an alternative milk, such as unsweetened almond milk) with chia seeds and vanilla extract. I let the mixture plump up in the fridge for about an hour before taking it to the next level.

Nutritious Recipes · December 12, 2016
Want an easy, healthy breakfast? Give these high-protein overnight oats a try! They're full of ingredients that will help power your morning and keep you full. Enjoy these chocolate strawberry overnight oats.

Nutritious Recipes · December 02, 2016
Love a sweet, healthy treat? Then try this candied pistachio recipe. These dessert cups with candied pistachio are delicious and easy to make!

Plant-Based Eating · November 30, 2016
While I love a glass of milk, I also think nut milks are delicious and can be great additions to my day and to my recipes. But with so many different dairy-free milk alternatives out there, choosing the right one can be challenging. Not every alternative features the same nutritional benefits, for starters.

Nutritious Recipes · October 25, 2016
Pistachio milk is delicious but almost impossible to find in the supermarket. Enter the homemade version, ready in minutes!

Nutrition News · September 28, 2016
Protein is one of those confusing topics. How much do you actually need? Is there an ideal time of day to get it, and is the veggie version just as good as the meat type? Protein is one of those confusing topics. How much do you actually need? Is there an ideal time of day to get it, and is the veggie version just as good as the meat type?

Nutritious Recipes · August 29, 2016
Wondering how to make energy balls or energy bites? It’s so easy with these gluten-free chocolate almond butter protein balls. Plus, these healthy breakfast balls are an easy no-bake recipe!

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