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How to Be a Nutritionist · April 26, 2018
Interested in becoming a registered dietitian? Wondering what can you do with a nutrition degree? Being a media RD may be your dream job! See my tips for why being a media dietitian is one of the best health careers out there.
How to Be a Nutritionist · September 27, 2016
How to study and test prep for the RD exam? How hard is the RD exam? Here are my top tips for how to pass the RD exam, as well as my best tips and prep suggestions for becoming a dietitian!

Holiday & Seasonal Recipes · August 31, 2016
Summer's almost over, but we can still enjoy the last days of grilling. What is YOUR fave food to grill? I grew up in Florida, so I also grew up grilling. And I've taken that grilling with me to the northeast—on warm summer days, I love pairing grilled tofu and polenta with yummy grilled veggies, as well as grilled peaches for dessert (drizzled with reduced balsamic vinegar, of course!).