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Vegetarian Recipes · November 16, 2017
How about a mouth-watering, antioxidant-filled breakfast that's guaranteed to make your tastebuds smile? Here you go! Thanks to the folks at Wild Blueberries of North America for sponsoring this post. I've been wanting to create a ricotta pancake recipe for awhile now, and what better way to sweeten them than with antioxidant-filled wild blueberries?
Low-Sugar Desserts · December 01, 2016
Pomegranates are in season through winter! Enjoy their delightful crunch in these mini chocolate dessert cups. Plus, the pomegranate arils provide a delightful crunch while adding sweetness via nature's candy, fruit.

Vegetarian Recipes · November 07, 2016
This French toast recipe combines sweet mandarin oranges with creamy ricotta for a delicious, protein-rich breakfast. Because mandarin oranges are in season this time of year, I thought I'd try something new: mandarin orange French toast. I hope you love this mandarin orange recipe as much as I do!