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Weight Loss · April 04, 2018
Think filling up on only green juice is the best way to lose weight? I come across awful diet tips like this all the time. Luckily, you don't need to give up pizza (or dessert!) to reach your wellness goals. Want to know which health recommendations are actually worth following?
Weight Loss · October 05, 2016
I love a good salad. In college, I was that weirdo who bought bagged lettuce as a snack (and offered it to my friends when they visited!). Of course, back then I didn't know that a well-balanced salad should have protein (my favorite is a hardboiled egg or tofu), healthy fat (like avocado or almonds), and plenty of other veggies (I love mushrooms, celery, and red onions). And the key: Not too many other high-calorie toppings like...well, I won't spoil this for you!