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Anti-Aging Secrets · February 28, 2018
Sure, everyone ages. But that doesn't mean you have to feel old! You can slow down the effects of time by eating more antioxidant-rich foods. Lately, I've been adding heart-healthy fruits to my breakfast. It's a simple way to satisfy my sweet tooth without the need for added sugar! Want more easy tricks that'll help you feel forever young? Use these anti-aging tips.
Nutrition News · March 22, 2017
If you're looking for ideas for car snacks, here you go! These healthy non-perishable snacks will help make your commute that much easier. Grab a few of these road snacks for your next long ride.

Weight Loss · March 14, 2017
What is added sugar? It's sugar that isn't naturally occurring in food (like fruit sugars), such as granulated sugar, brown sugar, and honey. New dietary guidelines suggest we drastically reduce this added sugar intake. Fortunately, there are plenty of naturally sweet foods to flavor recipes.
Weight Loss · August 17, 2016
I love dessert, but as a registered dietitian nutritionist I'm always thinking about choices. I'd like to bring you three easy ways to lower the amount of added sugar that you eat!