Healthy Travel

Healthy Travel · June 02, 2020
Looking for ideas for healthy car snacks for adults? These healthy non-perishable snacks (plus a few healthy perishable snacks!) make the tastiest healthy snacks for commuters.
Healthy Travel · September 04, 2018
What are the best places to eat in Florence, Italy? Find out where to eat in Florence, including the best tiramisu in Florence.

Healthy Travel · February 07, 2018
Looking for tips for healthy travel? As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I bring you my best strategies so that you can travel healthy and in style!
Healthy Travel · January 28, 2018
Here's a European vacation packing list of essential travel items you'll need to make the most of your trip. Plus, I have a before-travel checklist to add to this packing list for Europe.

Healthy Travel · October 04, 2017
Getting ready for any outing, whether it's a quickie ballgame or a multi-day cruise, requires some planning in the food department. No matter what, you're bound to come across more than a few tempting food and drink options! Need some travel-friendly meal and snack ideas?
Healthy Travel · July 12, 2017
You can count me in for at least one summer festival each year—and I go just as much for the delicious food as I do for the live tunes. I want to enjoy the experience, so I look for healthy festival bites that give me lots of energy without making me feel dehydrated or overly stuffed. Wondering how I make my food decisions? Hint: It's not those "vegan" and "gluten-free" signs I'm paying attention to!