Plant-Based Eating

Eating Through the Senses
Plant-Based Eating · January 06, 2022
Wondering what are the five taste senses? Let's dive into the five senses of food tasting and how the latest plant-based food technology is helping to improve our plant-based food experiences.
The Tastiest Green Bean Fried Rice
Plant-Based Eating · November 16, 2021
Green Bean Fried Rice is a simple fried rice recipe featuring a flavor-filled almond teriyaki sauce. It's packed with veggies and cooks in just 15 minutes!

Foods for Vegans: What You Can and Can’t Eat
Plant-Based Eating · October 18, 2021
Discover the best vegan foods that you should include on your grocery shopping list—perfect for creating easy, nutritious meals.
Your Plant Based Diet Grocery List
Plant-Based Eating · January 15, 2021
Want a plant based diet grocery list? I’ve created a basic shopping list for vegetarian eating. I hope you find this vegetarian grocery list helpful!

27 Healthy Instant Pot Recipes from Dietitians
Plant-Based Eating · January 06, 2021
Looking for healthy pressure cooker recipes? These easy, healthy Instant Pot recipes have you set for healthy Instant Pot meals all day long.
Plant-Based Eating · December 11, 2020
Choline during pregnancy can help you have the perfect pregnancy diet. Learn about choline foods and choline benefits. What is choline? Find out while you eat foods high in choline!

Plant-Based Eating · November 26, 2020
Want a healthy Thanksgiving but love traditional Thanksgiving food and Thanksgiving treats? You're in luck with these delicious but nutritious Thanksgiving dishes.
Plant-Based Eating · November 23, 2020
Want to know the best vegetarian omega-3s and the top omega-3 vegan supplements? Read on to learn all about vegan DHA, vegetarian sources of omega-3s, and more.

Plant-Based Eating · November 12, 2020
When it comes to holiday party ideas, you're in the right place for healthy holiday recipes. These ideas will help you have a healthy Christmas dinner and beyond.
Plant-Based Eating · November 05, 2020
Thinking about trying Hello Fresh vegetarian recipes or Hello Fresh vegan recipes? I tell all about my week of eating Hello Fresh plant-based meals.

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