Weight Loss

The Ultimate Meal Plan Template for Weight Loss
Weight Loss · February 04, 2021
Looking for a whole-food meal plan that doesn't leave you hungry and hangry? Here's a meal plan template for weight loss that will help you a ton. It's all you'll need!
How are Calories Calculated?
Weight Loss · January 07, 2021
When it comes to what we eat, how are calories calculated? And how to measure calories? I dive into all your burning calorie questions, including how many to eat in a day.

New Year, New Me! How to Have a Healthy Year
Weight Loss · December 31, 2020
New year, new me mentality? Here's how to have a new you, new you me mindset and have the healthiest year. It's OK, though, if you end up with a new year, same me, just healthier and wiser!
Weight Loss · December 08, 2020
Want to lose weight without exercise? It's possible. Learn weight-loss solutions for how to lose weight naturally, and even find out how to lose 20 pounds!

Weight Loss · December 04, 2020
Want to avoid holiday weight gain and extra holiday pounds? Enter these dietitian-approved holiday diet tips, including advice on how to prevent Christmas weight gain.
Weight Loss · October 29, 2020
Wondering about the best low-sugar wine? Read on to find out about the wine with least sugar so you can sip smartly!

Weight Loss · October 13, 2020
What are the signs of hunger? How to control appetite? Use these tips to find out if you're hungry for real, how to reduce hunger, and what to do if you're hangry–aka hungry and angry.
Weight Loss · October 12, 2020
Curious about the connection between cortisol and weight gain? Learn how to lower cortisol levels and lose weight, plus all the secrets to losing your stress belly, lowering your stress reaction, and learning stress busters.

Weight Loss · October 06, 2020
Wondering about Olive Garden nutrition and what's on the Olive Garden healthy menu? You're in luck because as a registered dietitian I put together the top nutritious picks!
Weight Loss · October 04, 2020
What's the healthiest fast food to order? Follow this advice for healthy drive-thru orders at the healthiest fast food restaurants. Yes, you can order healthy takeout!

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