Stay Sane and Have Fun in Coronavirus Isolation


By Amy Gorin, MS, RDN

Coronavirus isolation is a real thing. Here's how to stay sane and actually have fun during COVID-19 quarantine life.


So many of us are currently in coronavirus isolation. While you may be feeling isolated because of the coronavirus, it's actually possible to be productive and have some fun. Use these tips and de-stressing activities to keep your sanity and have fun while in coronavirus quarantine.

Nowadays, we're all taking steps to flatten the curve with the COVID-19 pandemic, from working remotely and social distancing to avoiding public spaces when possible. But all these measures mean you're spending *a lot* of time in your home, probably more than you've ever spent before.


Cue binge watching all the shows you've saved onto your Netflix "My List" and scrolling miles on your Instagram feed. Once you've burned yourself out with those activities, how do you stop yourself from going stir crazy and make the most of the time in your own digs?


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How to Stay Sane in Isolation


I have a few ideas about how to spend your time while in isolation. In this blog post, I'm sharing 50-plus (!!) self-care activities that will keep your spirits high and help you stay at home for long periods without going crazy. 


And you can actually have fun while you practice social distancing. I'm also revealing one of my best, easily actionable tips to leading a healthy lifestyle, which is important now more than ever before.


And because there's nothing more soothing for your mental health than whipping up a cozy meal, I'm even including a recipe (with ingredients that have likely made your freezer essentials checklist!) for a breakfast that will put you in a positive mood for the rest of your workday. Let's get started!


By the way, if you're a healthcare worker taking care of people with coronavirus symptoms and would like to receive a coronavirus donation of food for your department, click here to sign up! Anyone who works in public health, at a hospital, or in another medical center is welcome to fill out the form.

Self-Care Activities to Keep Your Sanity