Your Freezer Foods & Pantry Staples List


Looking for a freezer foods and pantry staples list? These freezer and pantry staples will help you make nutritious meals in absolutely no time at all.


No time to head to the grocery store? This is a common issue I hear among clients. And I have to tell you: Even I skip weeks of grocery shopping. Yup, you heard that right, a dietitian admitting she doesn't grocery shop every single week. I travel a lot, and so there are days I come back from trips and make meals out of what's in my freezer and pantry until I have time to restock. And yes, all of these staples are processed foods, even if minimally so.

So what makes one processed food better than another? By the end of this week's newsletter, you'll know the answer. I'm giving you a list of dietitian-approved freezer foods, pantry staples, healthy snacks, and convenience foods so you can grocery shop with ease. Now when you're having a busy day or week, there's absolutely no excuse to order takeout every single night. Just take ten minutes or less to whip up a quick, easy meal with long-lasting staples in your pantry and freezer. Score!


Want a pantry staples list? How about a freezer inventory list so you can whip up make ahead freezer meals? Go ahead and grab this healthy processed food list. #pantrylist #freezer #nutrition


19 Processed Foods Nutritionists Swear By

When you think of processed foods, you probably have images of potato chips and candy dancing in your head. So what would you think if I told you that frozen berries and canned beans are processed? That's right, and not all processed foods are bad for you. Check out this NBC News article to find out what makes a convenience food healthy and which processed goods, including freezer foods, I always stock up on. (Hint: One of them is a perfect topping for cauliflower pizza!) Want to see what else is on 
my grocery list, including ideas for canned food storage and freezer essentials?


By the way, you may want to add some of these foods to an emergency food supply. You know, just in case you're under quarantine one day.