Your Jam-Packed List of Healthy Gifts


Love to give your loved ones healthy holiday gifts? If you need inspiration for healthy gift ideas, here are 90-plus ideas for the wrapping!



It's here. It's the most wonderful time of year! I love to see the holiday cheer everywhere I go. While I was wrapping more presents today, my fiancé asked me, "does anyone love the holidays as much as you?" Well, I sure hope so! I've been shopping for months because I start looking for presents while traveling and then continue through to file in with the last-minute shoppers.


I also love hand-making gifts. So you could say I have lots of gift ideas, and most of them will help inspire the recipients to be healthy. If you're looking for store-bought ideas, I have a list of RD-approved kitchen tools that you can order with a simple click. So what cooking tools and healthy eating goodies are worth giving your loved ones this season? I've got a a few (read: 90+) ideas for you! I also have a list of expert-recommended healthy cookbooks to help your pals stay on track with their nutritional goals.


And if you have a few minutes to spend in the kitchen, I have ideas (some take just five minutes!) that you can whip up and wrap up in a jiffy. You'll definitely want to stock up on wrapping paper this year.  Now, grab a mug of cider and let me help you with the last of your holiday tasks so you can be prepared for a healthy and nutritious new year


Looking for healthy gift ideas? This list of foodie gifts and DIY gifts is perfect for your holiday crafts and gift list! Use these gift ideas now. #gift  #healthygift #diygift #giftlist #foodiegift #gifts #nutrition #holiday

Must-Have Kitchen Tools for Healthy Eating


Whenever I make a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond or Target, I always find myself in the home goods section, scoping out the newest kitchen gadgets and cooking essentials. Since I already have a well-stocked kitchen, I usually fight the temptation to impulse buy a blender or garlic chopper. But now that the holidays are right around the corner, I have an excuse to buy all of my friends and family the healthy gifts I'd want to keep for myself!


So maybe you're not a whiz in the kitchen. Not in the mood to deal with crowded stores, either? No worries. Order up these foodie-approved gifts to help your loved ones cook and eat healthier in the new year. I use one of these items to serve up recipes like my flatbread pizza and other delicious and healthy meals all the time. 

Want to assist your bestie in becoming a meal prep master or help your sibling save time cooking? There's a must-have healthy gift gadget specifically for it. Check out my blog post to find more than 40 gifts your loved ones can add to their kitchens, from small tools that work perfectly as stocking stuffers and big-ticket items that'll win over your mother-in-law. And just cause I love foodie gifts, here are 25 more 
healthy kitchen gifts to add to your holiday shopping list.


Looking for healthy gift ideas? This list of foodie gifts and DIY gifts is perfect for your holiday crafts and gift list! Use these gift ideas now. #gift  #healthygift #diygift #giftlist #foodiegift #gifts #nutrition #holiday

The Best Healthy Eating Cookbooks