Watch Out for These Hidden Sources of Gluten


If you're following a gluten free, wheat free, or wheat intolerance diet, you likely want to know more about hidden sources of gluten in potential gluten and wheat free foods. Read on to learn more about hidden gluten in beloved wheat free products and wheat free recipes. You may be surprised at the tweaks you'll need to make to your no wheat diet, your gluten free shopping list, and your gluten free diet recipes.

If you had only a minute, I bet you could name at least a handful of people you know who are gluten-free eaters. Even though only 1% of the population has celiac disease, a genetic autoimmune disorder triggered by consuming gluten, more and more people are taking up gluten-free diets in hopes of improving their health. But can ridding your diet of the protein (yes, gluten's a protein!) actually help you meet your health goals?

I investigate that exact question in this blog post. I'm separating fact from fiction when it comes to widespread ideas about gluten. And most importantly, I'm busting the myth that gluten is inherently bad for you.

And for those who are truly allergic or intolerant to gluten, I'm sharing nine foods that appear to be gluten free but in actuality can be hidden sources of gluten. Plus, you're getting a recipe for the most delicious gluten-free mocktail that's sure to satisfy everyone at the table. Ready to get started?


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