2012 Written Work

Pink Warrior

Pink Warrior (Weight Watchers Magazine | Sept/Oct 2012)

The Art of Tracking

The Art of Tracking (Weight Watchers Magazine | Sept/Oct 2012)

Breakfasts of Champions

Breakfasts of Champions (Weight Watchers Magazine | Jul/Aug 2012)

Cup of Control

Cup of Control (Weight Watchers Magazine | Jul/Aug 2012)

Cook Fast, Eat Well!

Cook Fast, Eat Well! (Consumer Reports ShopSmart | June 2012)

What Can You Make with Arugula?

What Can You Make with Arugula? (Health | June 2012)

So Long Size 20

So Long Size 20 (Health | Apr 2012)

What can You Make with Tofu?

What Can You Make with Tofu? (Health | April 2012)

From Hectic to Wholesome

From Hectic to Wholesome (Consumer Reports Food & Fitness | Mar 2012)

Ready, Set, Lose!

Ready, Set, Lose! (Health | Mar 2012)

Me Minus 50

Me Minus 50 (Health | Jan/Feb 2012)

What Can You Make with Avocado?

What Can You Make with Avocado? (Health | Jan/Feb 2012)