New Food Trends to Know About for 2020


Curious about the top nutrition trends of the year? Well, here are the new food trends you should definitely know about for healthy eating, weight loss, and beyond!


Happy new year! I hope you had a great celebration. This year, I stayed in with my fiancé, and we had the most relaxing time watching the ball drop from the comfort of our own living room. We embraced our personal and professional highlights of the year and got ready to give a healthy 2020 a big hello!


You might be wondering what healthy food trends you should try this year. If there's one thing dietitians know, it's healthy food. And if there's one thing that dietitians who work in the media know, it's trending healthy food! Before you start buying all the new eats you see, find out what the experts say are the best bets to bring home from the store. Some of the hot new trends are expansions of what was hot last year, and some of the new superfood trends stand on their own.

Throughout the last decade, we saw the rising popularity of nutrient-packed avocados (on literally everything), the increasing discussion of tough-to-follow diets like keto and intermittent fasting, and more and more plant-based alternatives to meat products. It was a whirlwind few years in the world of food and nutrition. But as it turns out, innovation in the world of food was only getting started.

This year, you can expect to see grocery stores and restaurants stock up on countless nutritious foods that will blow up your Instagram feed just as much as avocado toast. How do I know? I asked my fellow RDNs to look into their crystal balls and predict the healthy food trends that will make it big this year.

And lucky for you, I'm giving you the inside scoop in this blog post. Reading up on all these hot and new good-for-you eats will definitely work up your appetite, so I've also included a quick and easy salad recipe to fuel you up. Let's dive in!

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The Top 10 Healthy New Food Trends to Expect in 2020


Last year was not a boring year in the dietary universe by any means. We saw the rise of the high-fat, low-carb keto diet, the growing prominence of intermittent fasting, and cauliflower being turned into a low-carb version of pretty much everything. 

Is your head about to explode from all the supposedly healthy food trends you're seeing all over social media? If you're having a hard time separating bogus from awesome, you're not alone. I can't tell you how many confused clients, friends, and family I've had knock on my virtual door this month asking for help in clearing up the confusion!


My dietitian colleagues and I spend just as much time sharing science-based information as we do debunking nutrition myths and calling out unhealthy diet trends. We do it so you don't have to. Now, let's look a little deeper at some of the major trends splashing across the headlines. Here's to your health!


Chances are, you're seeing food and diet buzzwords everywhere you go these first few days of January. But which nutrition trends are worth remembering?


If you thought oat milk was the biggest innovation you were going to see for awhile, think again. In my Everyday Health article, nutrition experts reveal the snacks, drinks, and ultra-convenient foods that are going to become staples on grocery store shelves in 2020. Can you guess which of these fad foods is my favorite? (Hint: It'll be super helpful on busy weeknights.) And while we're at it, what are your burning questions of the year, such as is GMO food safe?


What are the new food trends for 2020? Get the latest food trends, including a superfoods list, in this nutrition trends round-up. #superfood #foodtrends #nutritiontrend #nutrition #plantbased #2020trends #whattoeat #vegetarian #vegan