New Year, New Me! How to Have a Healthy Year


By Amy Gorin, MS, RDN

New year, new me mentality? Here's how to have a new you, new you me mindset and have the healthiest year. It's OK, though, if you end up with a new year, same me, just healthier and wiser!


Happy New Year's Eve! Tomorrow brings in a new year, and what do you have planned?


I recommend embracing the new year with a "new year, same me" mindset. Yup, you don't have to completely recreate yourself every 365 days. Find out how to live a new year as the same you–and have a very happy new year nonetheless.



Ditch the new year, new me mindset. Instead, embrace a new year, same me attitude & have a new year, same you for the healthiest year of my life. #newyear #newyearnewyou #newyearsameme #newyearsameyou #nutrition #weightloss #happiness #selfcare #selflove

How to Actually Stick to Your New-Year Goals


Every January 1, each of our social media feeds is flooded with friends' and family members' posts proudly stating, "new year, new me." They declare they're going to overhaul their lifestyle to become the best version of themselves yet.


I have to admit: I've already started on making my goals for the new year come to light. Because I want to be uber productive in the new year (for work and wedding planning an actual reception after the pandemic ends!), I recently spent hours reorganizing and re-decorating my home office.


I flagged all the things that make me not want to work for hours in there, and I went to fix them. I moved a couch into the room so I have multiple seating choices, and I ordered a spinal-support desk chair. I hung new artwork that makes me smile on the wall, and I added a candle to my desk.


And of course, being able to take a break with the foot massager that my husband got me for my birthday a couple of years ago sure does help! I have many other productivity goals for the new year–work, working out, healthy cooking, fun!–and I've definitely got a lot of new and old goals to crush.



I'm sure you're thinking about your own resolutions. Just like all of the years before, gym sign-ups and diet starts will be at a height in the new year, but progress for many often halts just as quickly as January ends.


Read on to find out how to not make this the case and to stick to your goals this year. 

Why it's OK to Focus on Small Changes


While there's nothing wrong with making a few changes to feel healthier and more energized, I'm here to tell you that you don't need to completely change all of your everyday habits to feel amazing this year. In short, you're already amazing. Hello, new year, same you!


In this blog post, I'm sharing simple ways to embrace a healthier way of living without creating a whole new you.


From the weight-loss advice you should definitely forget and the diet tips worth remembering, to the small changes you can make for better ZZZs, these tidbits of wisdom will help you become happier and healthier in 2021 without giving up daily pleasures–like coffee and wholesome pancakes!


In addition to focusing on health habits this new year, also focus on happiness. Have your friends gather for a virtual girls night, rehash old memories with beloved female friendships, and make new year's resolutions that are practical. You know, like cooking dinner a few times a week versus never eating dessert, ever again.


And because everything is virtual right now, you can even gather a group of old friends and reminisce about those old high school days. Should you ignore influencer culture and the pressure to commit to massive change every New Year's Eve and New Year's Day?

The Worst Diet Advice to Follow

I wrote this Food Network article specifically about wedding diets (after all, I got married this year). But the advice on diets to skip applies to any time in your life—whether you're aiming to lose weight for an upcoming event or just because.


So watch out for these drastic, unsustainable diets and instead, follow the more sustainable tips that I share in this post. And remember: If you are getting married this year, your partner will love you just the way you are on your wedding day and beyond.


Ditch the new year, new me mindset. Instead, embrace a new year, same me attitude & have a new year, same you for the healthiest year of my life. #newyear #newyearnewyou #newyearsameme #newyearsameyou #nutrition #weightloss #happiness #selfcare #selflove

How to Sleep Better This Year

In order to be your happiest self this next year, you don't have to make extreme changes to your everyday routine and pick up an hour-long morning meditation practice. Instead, focus on your sleep. Yup, getting better shuteye is one of the most fundamental building blocks to feeling your best.


And embracing a "new year, same you" mindset with better sleep means a happier you. So how do you do it? I share the simple nighttime snack that will help catch dreamier ZZZs in this InStyle article. Find out more about foods to improve your sleep.


Ditch the new year, new me mindset. Instead, embrace a new year, same me attitude & have a new year, same you for the healthiest year of my life. #newyear #newyearnewyou #newyearsameme #newyearsameyou #nutrition #weightloss #happiness #selfcare #selflove

Amy's New Year Recipe to Try


Make this recipe: Wild Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes!

Yes, you can get healthier and still eat pancakes for breakfast! This antioxidant-rich dish is super moist, thanks to the help of creamy, protein-packed ricotta.


Don't forget to top it with a drizzle of wild blueberry sauce to amp the fruit flavor (and gorgeous purple color) up a notch. Want more healthy, delish meal ideas? Don't forget to use your check out my online shop for healthy meal plans.


This blog post was updated in December 2020.


Ditch the new year, new me mindset. Instead, embrace a new year, same me attitude & have a new year, same you for the healthiest year of my life. #newyear #newyearnewyou #newyearsameme #newyearsameyou #nutrition #weightloss #happiness #selfcare #selflove


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