Vegan Recipes

Vegan Recipes · May 19, 2020
Want nutritious comfort food that’s vegan and gluten free? Enter this edible cookie dough recipe! Vegan cookie dough is delicious as is, and you can also bake it into chickpea cookies.
Vegan Recipes · May 05, 2020
Looking for a delicious butternut squash side dish? One of the best vegetarian squash recipes out there, this baked side comes with a naturally sweet pomegranate vinaigrette.

Vegan Recipes · April 19, 2020
Wondering how to make energy balls or energy bites? It’s so easy with this gluten-free chocolate almond butter protein balls recipe. Plus, these healthy breakfast balls are an easy no-bake recipe!
Vegan Recipes · April 17, 2020
They're big questions: Are oats good for weight loss? What are the best oats to eat? Find out if oatmeal is good for weight loss, plus answers to your other burning questions. Also get a delicious recipe for a microwave cherry oatmeal bowl.

Vegan Recipes · April 08, 2020
Love spicy baked chickpeas? These healthy roasted chickpeas couldn't be easier to make. And talk about a healthy, grab-and-go chickpea snack! Wondering how to roast chickpeas? Read on for a tasty recipe!
Vegan Recipes · February 11, 2020
Want a virgin prune juice cocktail? This pineapple sangria with rosemary syrup recipe is one of the tastiest non-alcoholic drinks with prune juice. Enjoy this prune juice recipe!

Vegan Recipes · October 17, 2019
DIY energy bars are so hot right now! So why not make your own healthy energy bars? These all-natural protein bars are some of the healthiest energy bars out there!
Vegan Recipes · February 12, 2019
This Mediterranean salad is one of the best vegan Mediterranean diet recipes for weight loss. Enjoy the Mediterranean vegetable salad and dressing!

Vegan Recipes · June 07, 2018
Looking for a vegan power bowl that will fuel you up? You're in luck because this vegetarian grain bowl is not only nutritious, it's delicious with a maple-dijon dressing.
Vegan Recipes · April 04, 2018
Hello, healthy avocado smoothie! This avocado drink is a delicious energizing beverage with grape juice. The best part? It takes just moments to blend up.

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