Vegan Recipes

Vegan Recipes · October 23, 2020
Looking for a delicious butternut squash side dish? One of the best vegetarian squash recipes out there, this baked side comes with a naturally sweet pomegranate vinaigrette.
Vegan Recipes · October 22, 2020
Love the idea of DIY gifts for yourself and your loved ones? This homemade pizza seasoning recipe takes just minutes to make yet is super thoughtful!

Vegan Recipes · October 15, 2020
Looking for the perfect lemon garlic asparagus side dish? Enter this garlic roasted asparagus. Once you make it once, you'll want it with every meal!
Vegan Recipes · October 01, 2020
Say yes to these Thanksgiving veggie tray ideas! The turkey veggie tray designs are easy to make, and it's hard to say which turkey veggie tray is the cutest. Which turkey veggie platter will you create?

Vegan Recipes · August 23, 2020
Make these balsamic grilled peaches, then use these healthy picnic basket ideas and healthy picnic snacks for the perfect summer meal. These balsamic peaches make the perfect vegetarian picnic food.
Vegan Recipes · August 16, 2020
Here's the tastiest garlic asparagus recipe to grill up. This quick asparagus recipe wil have your mouth water! Also follow these grilling safety and grilling temperature tips.

Vegan Recipes · June 25, 2020
This lupini bean salad with crushed pistachio is a delicious high-fiber side dish. The Italian lupini beans make the dish hearty and will become one of your top lupini bean recipes.
Vegan Recipes · May 19, 2020
Want nutritious comfort food that’s vegan and gluten free? Enter this edible cookie dough recipe! Vegan cookie dough is delicious as is, and you can also bake it into chickpea cookies.

Vegan Recipes · April 27, 2020
Whether you can't get your hands on store-bought gluten-free flour or you simply want to make your own gluten-free flour mix, this DIY gluten-free flour blend is super easy and inexpensive to make in your own kitchen.
Vegan Recipes · April 19, 2020
Wondering how to make energy balls or energy bites? It’s so easy with this gluten-free chocolate almond butter protein balls recipe. Plus, these healthy breakfast balls are an easy no-bake recipe!

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