Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetarian Recipes · July 23, 2020
This vegetarian rice bowl is one of the tastiest vegetarian bowls you'll ever eat. It will become one of your favorite vegetarian rice bowl recipes!
Vegetarian Recipes · July 20, 2020
Want an easy coffee muffin recipe? These healthy coffee cake muffins are made with instant coffee and will be the tastiest coffee muffins you ever eat!

Vegetarian Recipes · July 07, 2020
How to use matcha powder in baked goods? Energize your day with this healthy matcha muffin recipe, aka green muffins. I can't wait to hear how you enjoy these matcha muffins!
Vegetarian Recipes · June 29, 2020
This naan pizza is healthy and easy to make. Bonus: The white bean pizza will keep you full for hours. Enjoy the naan bread pizza today!

Vegetarian Recipes · June 24, 2020
This vanilla smoothie is going to be the most delicious vanilla bean smoothie you've ever had! Plus, it's the tastiest high protein smoothie you'll ever sip.
Vegetarian Recipes · June 12, 2020
Love cooking with oats any time of day? Then you'll love these 49 quick oatmeal recipes. Quick oats make great breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert recipes!

Vegetarian Recipes · June 03, 2020
This Greek yogurt veggie dip makes the perfect chip dip or cracker dip, too. It's a super healthy veggie dip that your tastebuds will no doubt enjoy!
Vegetarian Recipes · May 28, 2020
Love healthy flatbread sandwich recipes? This Italian flatbread breakfast Panini won't disappoint. The flatbread Panini will become one of your favorite flatbread recipes!

Vegetarian Recipes · May 13, 2020
Want a deliciously satisfying Greek yogurt parfait that's also nutritious? Enjoy this grape parfait recipe with a surprising flavor burst.
Vegetarian Recipes · May 10, 2020
Looking for a high protein French toast? This protein toast with egg is so tasty. Want additional protein rich recipes? I have a list of more healthy meals to make!

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