Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetarian Recipes · May 13, 2020
Want a deliciously satisfying Greek yogurt parfait that's also nutritious? Enjoy this grape parfait recipe with a surprising flavor burst.
Vegetarian Recipes · May 10, 2020
Looking for a high protein French toast? This protein toast with egg is so tasty. Want additional protein rich recipes? I have a list of more healthy meals to make!

Vegetarian Recipes · May 07, 2020
Looking for a broccoli slaw recipe that's easy to make? Look no further than this broccoli slaw salad! Whip it up in just minutes for a simple broccoli salad.
Vegetarian Recipes · May 03, 2020
Try this easy and healthy cinnamon spice muffins recipe made with Greek yogurt and whole-wheat flour! You'll love the healthy spice muffins, and they're one of the best cooking projects for kids.

Vegetarian Recipes · April 30, 2020
Ready for delicious healthy salsa with baked flatbread chips? This homemade Mexican salsa is perfect for a snack or for entertaining for a crowd!
Vegetarian Recipes · April 24, 2020
Love smoothies? Here are 25 of the best healthy smoothies! These fruit and veggie smoothie recipes make super easy meals and are delicious.

Vegetarian Recipes · April 18, 2020
Want an easy, healthy breakfast? Give this high-protein overnight oats a try! This chocolate strawberry overnight oatmeal recipe is full of ingredients that will help power your morning and keep you full.
Vegetarian Recipes · April 13, 2020
Mix up a blueberry peanut butter smoothie for an easy, on-the-go healthy breakfast recipe! This blueberry protein shake boasts 22 grams of natural protein from peanut butter, milk, and Greek yogurt. Enjoy sipping this delicious wild blueberry protein smoothie!

Vegetarian Recipes · September 03, 2019
Love healthy flatbread sandwich recipes? This Italian flatbread breakfast Panini won't disappoint. The flatbread Panini will become one of your favorite flatbread recipes!
Vegetarian Recipes · May 12, 2019
Is a healthy veggie dip recipe possible? It is! This yogurt veggie dip cuts calories, not flavor. Try this easy, gluten-free Greek yogurt vegetable dip next time your veggies need a tasty pairing. You and your tastebuds will love this easy veggie dip.

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