Downloadable tip sheets & meal ideas

Mix-and-Match Recipe Package

Get ALL my mix-and-match ideas, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. You'll also get my list of 50+ freebie (almost no-cal) ingredients!


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50 Mix-and-Match Freebie Ingredients

Want to add extra flavor to your day for minimal (almost no) calories? Here are lots of dietitian-approved ideas for you!


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Mix & Match Breakfast Ideas

Want easy meal planning? Here you go! You'll get ideas for 15+mix-and-match meals (each meal is about 400 calories) so that you can make easy breakfasts in a flash! 


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Mix-and-Match Lunch & Dinner Ideas

Same as above but for lunch and dinner!


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Mix-and-Match Snack Ideas

Same as above but for snack time! Each snack is 150-200 calories.


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25 Ways to Cut 100 Calories

Download and print these out-of-the-box, EASY tips for cutting calories every day.


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25 Ways to Cut 100 Calories (no logo)

This version is ideal for healthcare practitioners who are looking to use this handout in their own practices.


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Books w/ my recipes

The MIND Diet



The Runner's World Cookbook



Runner's World Meals on the Run



The Runner's World Vegetarian Cookbook



My fave things

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Downloads for healthcare pros & freelancer writers

10 Tips to Getting Published

Want to get your writing published? This guide gives you all the tips you'll need to get started!


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10 Questions to Ask a Potential Dietetic Internship Program

Need help deciding on the right internship program? Let these questions help guide the way.


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Set of 4 Press Pass Application Letters

Trying to obtain a press pass from a conference? These non-branded form letters provide templates for freelance writers, reporters, broadcast contributors, and bloggers to easily fill out and submit,


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Consulting Agreement Template Contract

This consulting agreement is ideal for spokesperson work, recipe development, and any work that uses your talent in a consumer-facing way. It provides all the necessary protections to cover use of name and likeness, ownership of work, and more. It can be edited based on your unique needs. It is non branded and contains no logos.


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CPEU classes for RDs & healthcare pros

Master the Media 1 CPEU Masterclass 



Master the Media 13 CPEU E-course



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