Under Quarantine During the Coronavirus Pandemic? Here's Your Emergency Food Supply List


Whether it's social distancing, self isolation, self quarantine, or an actual quarantine period, being at home 24/7 under quarantine measures during the coronavirus pandemic can feel scary. Take control of your emergency food supply while you're under quarantine by using this survival kit list of foods to stock up on so that you can do some delicious cooking while in quarantine.

I don't know about your city, but where I live is basically shut down. You might as well say we're on lock down or under quarantine. We have a city-wide curfew, and residents have been asked to self isolate during this coronavirus pandemic. And with nearly 4,300 cases of the novel coronavirus (aka COVID-19) in the United States, per the CDC (as of March 17, 2020), this is for good reason so we can help flatten the curve of how quickly coronavirus symptoms are spreading. We currently haven't caught up to the coronavirus in Italy, and that's a good thing. With social distancing and self isolationregular grocery shopping may not be feasible over the next few weeks. Thus, stocking up on essentials is key. With so many food options out there, which foods do you really need in your food survival kit while you're in quarantine?

To help narrow down your grocery list and ensure you have all the right foods in your emergency food supply to get you through these tough times, I'm sharing an extensive list of nutritionist-approved foods worth stocking up on during an emergency situation like this. In this blog post, you'll also find nutritious foods you can have delivered straight to your door via Amazon Fresh, FreshDirect, or Instacart (with the latter, you can choose the new "leave at door" feature) if you can't or decide that you shouldn't leave your home while under self quarantine. Plus, you'll find a recipe for an oh-so-filling snack that you can toss together with pantry staples (and that home-schooled kiddos can help with). So let's take a deep breath, remind ourselves that we'll get through this, and get into the need-to-know info so that you can eat delicious, nutritious food while under quarantine.

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