30 Foods to Eat on a Vegetarian Superfood Diet


By Amy Gorin, MS, RDN

Looking for plant based superfoods? Look no further than this list of vegetarian superfoods and vegan superfoods! Start a superfood diet today.


Wanting to eat more plant-based superfoods these days? You're in luck, because this list is filled with some of the healthiest summer veggie superfoods out there!


Too hot to turn on the oven? You can still enjoy all the colorful fruits and vegetables available this season! Summer is my favorite time of year to fire up the grill and take dinner outdoors.  

Why Summer is the Perfect Time for Super Foods


I don't eat meat, so I load up my barbecue with seasonal veggies like corn and bell peppers instead. These nutrient-rich finds taste amazing with fresh greens and vinaigrette! Looking for more warm-weather cooking ideas? 


When it comes to summer eating, I get so excited to whip up healthy picnic dishes (hello, avocado deviled eggs recipe!) and anything with grilled vegetables, like an easy vegan power bowl.


I love attending summer parties (when there's not a pandemic going on!) just as much as I enjoy hosting, and part of that is because I get to share healthy superfoods with the people I care about.



Without further ado, follow the best superfood trends of so you know how to eat healthy this year. From whole foods to new health and wellness products, there's something for everyone following his or her resolutions. Give these new food products a try to embrace the latest food trends.


Want a summer super foods list? These summer foods are full of summer vibes and are great for plant-based recipes. #superfood #summerfoods #plantbased #vegetarian #vegetablerecipes #fruitrecipes

How to Eat a Plant-Based Superfood Diet


Which new food products are truly super? First things first. There's no such thing as magical foods. Superfoods are super in the sense that they are extremely nutritious foods that support your health.


But no singular food is the cure all for anything. Eating a balanced, healthy diet that includes the foods we peg as superfoods is really what it's all about.


That's why I don't love the term "superfood." It implies that other healthy foods are less superior, or if that you were to eat only kale for the foreseeable future that that would be a good thing. But I get asked about plant-based super foods super often, so I put together this list for you.

So before we get into a conversation about these summer superfoods, I want to make a few things clear: Yes, you should incorporate the foods I'm about to share with you into a healthy, balanced diet. That includes both fruit and vegetable superfoods.


But no, you shouldn't exclude other healthy foods, unless they're ones that you choose not to eat. And you can eat too much of a good thing. Even calories from multiple servings of banana-based chocolate nice cream add up!


Now, onto the list of new food trends that are worth your hard-earned dollar! Which items should you pick up next time you hit the grocery store?


Will this year be the year of the chickpea, and which of the current food trends should you embrace to have new year, same you? You'll have to read on to find out!


Want a summer super foods list? These summer foods are full of summer vibes and are great for plant-based recipes. #superfood #summerfoods #plantbased #vegetarian #vegetablerecipes #fruitrecipes

Best Superfoods for Men and Women

One of the reasons we're talking about superfoods is that I recently wrote a two-part series for Reader's Digest about the best summer superfoods for men and women.


In these articles, I've gathered some of the healthiest foods. You'll see that eggs are on the list, and they taste fab with basil and tomato. Yum! How many of these veggie superfoods or superfood trends are you already eating?


What's your grocery shopping strategy? I tend to stock up once a month or so on pantry and freezer staples like canned beans, and then I go every week to pick up fruits, veggies, and other must haves like eggs and Greek yogurt.


While not exactly a food, water is super essential for good health. Check out these important facts about water, plus the best bottled water to drink for health.


Want a summer super foods list? These summer foods are full of summer vibes and are great for plant-based recipes. #superfood #summerfoods #plantbased #vegetarian #vegetablerecipes #fruitrecipes

More Vegetarian and Vegan Superfoods


I'd like to add a few more deliciously healthy eats to the list of summer superfoods. These picks offer so many health benefits.

Bell Peppers

Pretty much any veggie is on the "eat" list. But did you know green and yellow bell peppers can help your skin health? Yup, they can help decrease wrinkling in the crow’s foot area! Plus, they're a terrific source of fiber. They're delicious sliced and paired with guacamole (and eaten raw), or in a grilled corn salad.

Wild Blueberries

I add frozen wild blueberries to anything from a blueberry peanut butter smoothie to wild blueberry lemon nice cream.The berries are a great source of anthocyanins, which may benefit your brain health, heart health, and even your skin health. You can purchase fresh wild blueberries for a short time in the summer.


This is such a delicious gem of a summer vegetable! For just about 30 calories per cup, you get fiber, protein, immunity-helping vitamin C, and disease-fighting vitamin E. Grill up asparagus, or roast up lemon garlic asparagus. Jarred pickled asparagus makes a delightfully light appetizer!


A staple of the Mediterranean diet, chickpeas, lentils, beans, and dried peas are one of the easiest ingredients that can quickly add filling protein and fiber to a summer dish. The canned variety makes doing so even easier. I like to whip up a lupini bean saladwhite bean pizza, or even vegan cookie dough.


When it comes to pulses, I particularly love chickpeas. From chocolate-covered chickpeas to hummus, these golden balls of nutrients are everywhere. And they're one of the top health and wellness products of the year!


Are they really healthy in every form? In my FoodNetwork.com article, I dig in to get you the answer on this burning question.

Additional Plant-Based Superfoods

What other nutrient-dense foods would you add to this list of the best superfoods?


Want a summer super foods list? These summer foods are full of summer vibes and are great for plant-based recipes. #superfood #summerfoods #plantbased #vegetarian #vegetablerecipes #fruitrecipes

Amy's Superfood Recipes to Try


Whip this up: Healthy Fruit Pizza!

We've talked about how good berries are for your health. So why not add 'em to a dessert pizza?


This fruit pizza also makes a great after-camp snack for kids or a quick no-bake dish for the perfect finish to a summer BBQ meal. All you need on hand is flatbread, cream cheese, and fruit!


Bonus recipe: Okra, Chickpea, and Tomato Rice Bowl


Now that you've read all about chickpeas, you might be looking for new ways to add them to your day. This power bowl is just for you! It can be ready in minutes and boasts enough good-for-you nutrients that it might even be dubbed a super meal.


Follow it with a nutritious dessert like dessert chips and cream. Which other healthy food trends are you embracing?


This blog post was updated in July 2020.


Want a summer super foods list? These summer foods are full of summer vibes and are great for plant-based recipes. #superfood #summerfoods #plantbased #vegetarian #vegetablerecipes #fruitrecipes


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I'd love your thoughts! What are your favorite veggie superfoods and plant-based superfoods? Which best super food trends will you embrace this year? What else do you think should be on this superfood diet list?


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