Bored at Home During the Coronavirus Quarantine?


If it feels like you're in your house 24/7 these days, you might be going stir crazy. What to do when you are bored at home during the coronavirus quarantine? Read on for lots of ideas!

Many of us have been social distancing and staying home for awhile now. And at this point, if you're like me, the Netflix queue is drying up and I've made more loaves of bread this month than I made in the last five years! Since the widespread stay-at-home orders don't look like they'll be easing up anytime soon, how are you supposed to make the most of this time without going stir crazy?

I've got a few ideas. In this blog post , I'm sharing all the ways you can keep up your social life while self isolating, along with a few self-care tips from someone who's survived quarantine life in Italy. You'll also find a recipe that will satisfy your sweet tooth and teach your kids some new kitchen skills.

Plus, if you're a healthcare worker (or know of one) working with COVID-19 patients, you can spend some time signing up for my #ShareFoodNotCovid project, in which major food brands will donate snacks and food to you and your team. Let's get started!recipe for the most delicious gluten-free mocktail that's sure to satisfy everyone at the table. Ready to get started? 

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