Master the Media E-Courses

Master the media with Amy Gorin and Erin Palinski-Wade. Great for dietitians and nutritionists!

Hello, Easy Media Training Course!


If you're looking to master the media, you've come to the right place. Amy Gorin, MS, RDN, is a media training coach and social media coach and co-runs the Master the Media self-study course with Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDE. Each e-course offers CPEU credits.


You can master media with several resources:

Through these resources, you'll get:

  • Media training basics
  • Media interview training
  • The art of speaking in sound bites
  • How to nail key messages
  • Broadcasting training
  • Radio training 
  • Spokesperson training
  • Tips to grow your social media platforms

If you've spent way too much money on online media courses, media nutrition courses, media marketing courses, and social media classes and social media marketing courses, this will be the only media training 101 CPE online course you need to sign up for!


When it comes to media, this is simply one of the best CEU courses out there! Grab your continuing professional education credits today!


Amy is also available for small-group virtual media training, as well as in-person media training in NYC and other locales.


The Master the Media e-course was originally designed for registered dietitians but is useful for all health professionals. If you want to take your business to the next level but aren’t sure how, this is the resource you need!


Want to get your feet wet with media coaching? Then check out my downloadable tip sheet, as well as my one-on-one media coaching sessions, in my online store.